JFMAF was created in 2013 to commemorate the life and passions of Jake Powell Foerster. Jake was an exuberant young man who developed a great enthusiasm for the creation of music throughout his time in the Aspen School District. Beyond his love of music, Jake was also a loyal friend and son who put his friendships and family relations first and had an incredible vigor for life.

Since the beginning of the fund many Roaring Fork Valley graduates have been awarded scholarships to pursue their musical passions through college. Much like Jake's journey into music, many different students with many different musical talents and goals have benefited from the fund.

Beyond just musical talent the fund also seeks to attract students who approach life and academics with a great commitment. We try hard to seek out students who take a wholesome approach to their life in general, in the words of Jake Foerster we work to find students who are “killing it”.

JFMAF finds a soul mate in JAS

It is easy to say without any hesitation, Jake Foerster was loved by every person who met him. His uniquely contagious positivity and personality had a way of seeping into the cracks of your soul and filling you with joy from the inside out. Born in 1991, the same year as the inception of Jazz Aspen (JAS), Jake and his friends spent their summer Thursday nights attending the free Snowmass Concert Series on Fanny Hill and never missed a JAS Labor Day Festival.  Experiencing that level of inspiring music from the myriad of name artists, Jake developed a great enthusiasm for the creation of music and performance. While attending CRMS, Jake competed with friends in the “Battle of the Bands” in front of an ecstatic crowd.  As time went on, his love for Reggae and Bass Music developed into a full-blown passion, and he started to create and mix his own sets on his pair of NS7 CDJs. Once to college, he partnered with lifelong Aspen friend Loren Lujan (Lolo) to create their well-known DJ duo, FieVel & Lolo. They traded in living rooms at house parties for real venues with real crowds. The duo debuted on the Electronic Stage at the JAS Labor Day Festival in 2011. Once FieVel (named after the lead “mouse” character in Disney’s “Once upon a time in the West”) became a household name in Denver’s bass music scene, he was able to work on producing his own original songs. His life’s dream was always to create and play his own tracks as an independent artist, and his musical future was never brighter than it was when he passed away in 2013." 

Continuing Jake’s legacy the Jake Foerster Music Arts Fund  (JFMAF) was created in 2014.  The JFMAF mission is to help support high school graduates with exceptional promise in the medium of sound. The fund seeks individuals who are dedicated to their talents, committed to continue their education and share some of the personal traits of Jake: enthusiasm for the creation of music, an appetite for adventure and an unending love for his friends, family and community. The yearly “Music night for Jake” at the Belly Up in Aspen is a celebration of music, friendship and community and a no miss event during the Thanksgiving holidays. 

To say that JAS was an influence in Jake’s life is a huge understatement. JAS helped shaped a dream that provided complete joy and focus in his short, but full life.  Now in 2018, JFMAF has found a “Soul Mate”. JAS will bring JFMAF under it’s wing to enhance efforts to create more opportunity for students to expand their drive and expertise in the medium of sound.  JAS always brings the positivity, the joy and the MUSIC to our souls; just the way Jake lived. 

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
— Bob Marley